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About four years ago I discovered a need in the Kansas City
area.  This need is based off of every great conformation dog is
trained just as well, and in some cases better, than any
performance dog.

We not only want you to use a class as puppy socialization time,
but to also to hone your skills as a conformation trainer and
showman.  All breeds and Junior Handlers are welcome and if
there is something specific you want to work on, just ask!  In
the future we look forward to guest teachers.  Check the
website in the future for further information.

My journey into dog shows began as a fluke.  Living in
Albuquerque, NM, I wanted a Pug.  I located a breeder in
Denver who had a puppy, but insisted that she be shown.  
Twenty-one years later, here I am.

I have shown dogs all over the country.  Specifically, I lived in
and exhibited dogs in the New Mexico, Colorado, Texas,
Missouri and Kansas area.  Although my most experience has
been with Toy dogs, I have owned Pugs, Bulldogs and German
Shorthaired Pointers.  My education in handling dogs has come
from years of training, learning from and watching some of the
best handlers in the country.

I believe in encouraging and helping new exhibitors in showing
their dogs, because without the patience and wisdom of
experienced exhibitors, I would not be where I am today.  My
experience includes handling several other breeds for people with
group placements and specialty wins finishing  dogs from the
Bred-by class with multiple major wins, and am an AKC judge.

I have been teaching conformation classes for the last 11 years.  
I am a member of Jesse James KC, Sunflower KC, Missouri
Valley Pug Fanciers, Heartland Boston Terrier Club and Pug Dog
Club of America.

My goal for anyone attending our class is to encourage you in
this fine sport, and give you enough knowledge and talent to
walk into a ring with an air of confidence that conveys you
know how to show a dog properly.

Thank you so much for looking at our site and we look forward
to seeing you in class!
Ch Rambling Spring Walkin' Tall
Owned by Tom and Shirley Weir
Handled by Jane Blackerby
Ch Dynasty's the Devil Wears Prada
Breeder/Owner/Handled here by Jane Blackerby